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Gas storage Moeckow

EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH plans to construct subterranean caverns in a salt dome near Moeckow (Vorpommern-Greifswald county), approx. 20 kilometres south of Lubmin, to store natural gas. Ownership of the rock salt of the salt dome was already acquired in 2006. Based on geotechnical analyses the proven storage potential is estimated to exceed two billion cubic metres of working gas that could be stored in up to 24 caverns.
The plan is to connect the storage to the NEL pipeline, currently in construction, via an approx. 20 km long connection line, for which planning permission has already been granted, providing access to the GASPOOL market, and to the long distance pipeline OPAL that runs directly past the subterraneous storage.
On the part of the authorities nothing stands in the way of the construction of the planned natural gas storage at Moeckow. After a planning permission procedure lasting some three years, the required permissions have been granted.