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Gas storage Jemgum H

The natural gas storage facility in Jemgum stands out due to its excellent location in the German and Dutch natural gas markets. From the German market areas GASPOOL and NetConnect Germany to TTF in the Netherlands, Jemgum offers access to many large transmission systems and import points for high-calorific gas.

Consequently, you benefit from favourable conditions enabling you to successfully participate in gas trading or control energy markets.
Secure your storage capacity at the Jemgum facility now, where our state-of-the-art storage caverns will be available to you starting in 2013.

  • Conveniently located near transmission pipelines from Russia, the North Sea and the Netherlands
  • Access to the market areas GASPOOL, TTF and NetConnect Germany
  • Product variety and combination options for your gas portfolio
  • Market-oriented storage products and high availability
  • High performance and flexibility
  • Excellent for optimisation of short- and long-term trading
  • Great for balancing your network and market area  

Jemgum in figures:

Storage Capacities: technical, booked and free storage capacity can you find here
Reference gross calorific value: 11.500 kWh/m³
Connected market area: TTF
NetConnect Germany
Connected TSO: Gasunie Transport Services B. V.
Gasunie Deutschland
Network Points Gasunie Deutschland:
  • H200 (Exit-Netz) UGS Jemgum EWE 
  • H199 (Entry-Netz) UGS Jemgum EWE
Network Points GASCADE:
  • 1BRA (Exit-Netz) Jemgum III 
  • 1BRA (Entry-Netz) Jemgum III 
Network Points Gasunie Transport Services B.V.:
  • Oude Statenzil (EWE-H) - 30131
Network Points Thyssengas:
  • Leer - Mooräcker 4 (Exit-Netz)
  • Leer - Mooräcker 3 (Entry-Netz)


Further information about the storage Jemgum: EWE Storage Jemgum (PDF)