EWE H-Gas Zone (GTG)

The EWE H-Gas Zone is being developed successively in the course of the L-H-gas market area/storage conversion from the former L-gas caverns (Nüttermoor/Huntorf). In the next years, several caverns will have H-gas network access to the Gastransport Nord transmission system (THE market area).

EWE H-gas Zone in figures:

Reference gross calorific value: 11.500 kWh/m³
Connected market area: THE
Connected TSO:
Gastransport Nord
Network points: 37Z000000007514V
EIC code facility: 37W000000000002O
EIC Code Operator: 21X0000000011756


Not only due to technical reasons, the technically available storage capacities may change from time to time. In particular, due to the market area conversion starting in summer 2021 and the corresponding successive storage conversion from L- to H-gas, certain data inconsistencies may occur for technical/operational reasons.

We ask for your understanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us