Nüttermoor H-Gas

In Nüttermoor EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH operates seven H-Gas caverns. From the German market area THE and TTF in the Netherlands, Nüttermoor offers access to many large transmission systems and import points for high-calorific gas.


Storage capacities Technical, booked and free storage capacity can be found here:
Nüttermoor 1 H-Gas (GTS)
Nüttermoor 2 H-Gas (GTS, TG, and GUD)
Nüttermoor 3 H-Gas (GASCADE)
Reference gross calorific value: 11.500 kWh/m³ (gts, GUD und Thyssengas)
11.400 kWh/m³ (GASCADE
Netzwork points Gasunie Deutschland (GUD): H101 (Exit) - UGS NUETTERMOOR
Netzwork points GASCADE: 1BQA (Exit) - NUETTERMOOR
Netzwork points Thyssengas (TG): 01100108 (Exit) - Leer - Mooräcker - 2 (700096 Nüttermoor H UGS-A) 
01200015 (Entry) - Leer - Mooräcker - 1 (700096 Nüttermoor H UGS-E)
Netzwork points GTS: Gasunie transport services
EIC code facility: Nüttermoor 1: 21W0000000001059 (GTS)
Nüttermoor 2: 21W000000000104B (GTS, TG and GUD)
Nüttermoor 3: 21W000000000103D (GASCADE)