Storage Zone L-Gas (GTG)

The Storage Zone L-Gas consists of up to 21 caverns (Nüttermoor/Huntorf) with a grid connection to the TSO Gastransport Nord (Gaspool market area). Alternatively, some caverns in Nüttermoor can also be operated on Gasunie Deutschland's pipeline network (Storage facility Nüttermoor L-Gas (GUD)) (also in the Gaspool market area).

Storage Zone L-gas in figures:

Reference gross calorific value: 9.800 kWh/m³
Connected market area:
Connected TSO:
Gastransport Nord
Network points: 21W0000000000176 - ZONE UGS EWE L-Gas (Exit)
21W0000000000176 - ZONE UGS EWE L-Gas (Entry)
EIC code facility: 21W0000000001075
EIC Code Operator: 21X0000000011756