Jemgum Storage - SY 2021

EWE GASSPEICHER offers storage capacities in Jemgum (H-gas) for the flexible use in up to three market areas (GASPOOL, NetConnect Germany, TTF).

The bidding process in the tender procedure commences 17 February 2021 in the time from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. via the PRISMA European Capacity Platform.
EWE GASSPEICHER offers a working gas capacity of 750 GWh, firm injection capacity of 675 MW and firm withdrawal capacity of 675 MW, divided into 15 packages.

Furthermore, the storage customer has the right to use additional interruptible injection and withdrawal capacity.
The service period is one year, starting in April 2021.

The storage facility is connected to the entry and exit points of the transmission systems of GASCADE, GUD, Thyssengas and GTS. Transport capacities are not included in the storage service and have to be booked with the transmission system operator at the storage customer’s own cost.

Please note that cross market area transport within the storage is subject to the BNetzA/’REGENT’ rules. Further information about REGENT can be found here.

Detailed information on the tender can be found in the following documents.