REGENT (from 01.01.2020)

BEATE (until 01.01.2020)

Implications for storage users at UGS Jemgum

As of 1 January 2020, the provisions of the German Federal Network Agency "Festlegung einer Referenzpreismethode sowie der weiteren in Art. 26 Abs. 1 der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 2017/460 genannten Punkte für alle im Ein- und Ausspeisesysteme NetConnect Germany / GASPOOL tätigen Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber" (hereinafter: REGENT) shall apply with regard to transmission tariffs in Germany. In this context, the fees for transport products at storage points are to be discounted by 75%.

Special provisions apply for the transmission fee discout at storage facilities in Germany which are connected to more than one market area or to the market area of a neighbouring country and which allow "cross-market-area-usage".

As the Jemgum storage facility is connected to three market areas (THE and TTF), EWE GASSPEICHER has to prove compliance with the REGENT regulations to the TSO(s). This is a precondition for the German TSO(s) connected to the storage facility to offer discounted transmission fees to storage customers for a “single-market-area-usage”.

EWE GASSPEICHER has prepared a REGENT Manual with regard to the operational effects on storage use from 01.01.2020, which can be found on this website.

Until 1 January 2020, the previous regulations of the German Federal Network Agency "Festlegung von Vorgaben zur Umrechnung von Jahresleistungspreisen in Leistungspreise für unterjährige Kapazitätsrechte sowie von Vorgaben zur sachgerechten Ermittlung der Netzentgelte nach § 15 Abs. 2 bis 7 GasNEV" shall apply. (hereinafter BEATE) with regard to transmission capacity fees in Germany.

See also the BEATE Manual on this website.