Importance of Natural Gas Storage

Natural gas storages are becoming more and more important in Germany due to an increasing dependency on imports and more dynamic competition. The increasing demand for natural gas and the decreasing production of natural gas in West Europe makes gas storages in a dynamic market more and more attractive and necessary. The demand for natural gas is not constant but alters due to daily and seasonal variations and economic impacts. Storage operators provide for such variations of demand with natural gas storages in order to secure supplies and to make natural gas available at all times and remain competitive. EWE GASSPEICHER is highly skilled in building and operating natural gas storages. The company seated in Oldenburg was one of the first companies to construct a cavern gas storage plant in the mid-seventies. Today, EWE GASSPEICHER operates gas storage plants in Huntorf, Nüttermoor, Jemgum and Rüdersdorf with a total of 38 caverns.

Natural storage options for natural gas

At home, underground

The optimum method for creating large storage capacities for natural gas and minimising the impact on the landscape is to exploit geological properties. Natural gas is best stored where it comes from, under the ground; safely, securely, environmentally-friendly and at low cost in porous storages or in caverns at depths of between some hundred and 2,000 metres.

The salt of the earth

EWE GASSPEICHER has gained profound expertise in the construction and operation of natural gas storage caverns over a long time. In and near our supply area many salt domes are suitable for the construction of caverns. The Weser-Ems area is host to the Huntorf and Leer-Jemgum (Nüttermoor) salt domes and the Rüdersdorf salt structure is located in Brandenburg: sites which were selected for the construction of our natural gas storage facilities. EWE GASSPEICHER stores natural gas at these locations to ensure secure natural gas supplies.

By renting those capacities from EWE GASSPEICHER, other companies profit from our storage capacities and can reliably and competitively supply gas to their customers, too.