Integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market

Creating transparency, strengthening trust

In 2011, the EU issued the “Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency”, or REMIT for short. The objective of the regulation is to increase the transparency and stability of the European energy markets. Since January 2015, the Implementing Regulation No. 1348/2014 has been defining the registration and data reporting obligations of the players on the wholesale energy market provided for in REMIT.

Combating market manipulation

The objective of REMIT is to create transparency in the electricity and gas markets and strengthen trust in fair and competitive wholesale energy trading. In order to achieve this, insider trading and market manipulation are being combated. Furthermore, REMIT imposes obligations to publish insider information and to disclose transactions to the supervisory authorities.

EWE GASSPEICHER fully meets its obligations

The REMIT regulation applies to storage facility operators such as EWE GASSPEICHER. They are obliged to report fundamental data, such as maximum, booked, and free capacities as well as storage levels and movement data. They are further obliged to report insider information, such as shutdowns due to maintenance and servicing or unplanned outages. EWE GASSPEICHER fully complies with these obligations. You can find the published fundamental data and insider information here:

REMIT reporting service for storage customers

Market participants must report their storage levels to ACER on a daily basis - but they do not necessarily do it themselves: The task can be delegated to the storage operator. EWE GASSPEICHER offers storage customers precisely this option. Contact us now and let us advise you on how you can delegate the REMIT service (Participant report) to us.

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