Nüttermoor Rohre

Nüttermoor H-gas natural gas storage facility

Your storage capacities in the northwest of Germany

Nüttermoor H-gas natural gas storage facility

The EWE natural gas storage facility Nüttermoor is located in north-western Germany near Leer, in close proximity to the Dutch border. The site comprises four locations. Two of them are connected to the network of Gasunie Transport Services for the Dutch market (TTF), the other one is connected to GASCADE for the German market (THE). The third site can be used on the terms of the German REGENT provisions for both market areas (THE, TTF). Depending on your specific needs, we can offer you the ideal matching storage capacity.

Secure capacities for your gas now with the following benefits:

  • Product diversity and options for different combinations in your gas portfolio
  • Market-oriented storage products and high levels of availability
  • High flexibility, performance, and speed
  • Excellent for optimising short- and long-term trading
  • Particularly suitable for structuring your gas portfolio even across market area borders
Connected networks (TSO)

Connected networks (TSO)

Gasunie Transport Services
Gasunie Deutschland
GASCADE und Thyssengas

Stilisierte Börsenkurse des Gasmarktes vor einer Bohrinsel mit Schiff im Vordergrund
Connected market areas (info)

Connected market areas (info)

TTF (Niederlande)
THE (H-Gas)


Nüttermoor H1

EIC: 21W0000000001059
Market area: TTF


Nüttermoor H2

EIC: 21W000000000104B
Market area: TTF und THE


Nüttermoor H3

EIC: 21W000000000103D
Market area: THE

Start: 01.04.2023

Nüttermoor H4

EIC: 37W000000000105E
Market area: TTF

H-gas storage facility Nüttermoor - Facts

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  • Reference gross calorific value:
    11,500 kWh/m³ (GTS, GUD und Thyssengas)
    11,400 kWh/m³ (GASCADE)
  • Gasunie Deutschland (GUD) network information:
    H101 (Exit-Netz) - UGS NUETTERMOOR H
    H100 (Entry-Netz) - UGS NUETTERMOOR H
  • GASCADE network information:
    1BQA (Exit-Netz) - NUETTERMOOR H
    1BQA (Entry-Netz) - NUETTERMOOR H
  • Thyssengas (TG) network information:
    01100108 (Exit-Netz) - Leer - Mooräcker - 2 (700096 Nüttermoor H UGS-A)
    01200015 (Entry-Netz) - Leer - Mooräcker - 1 (700096 Nüttermoor H UGS-E)
  • GTS network information:
    Gasunie transport services