Whistleblower system

EWE relies on the support of its employees and contract partners to observe laws and internal regulations. Infringements must be disclosed to avoid possible damage to the company and to protect employees and third parties. At EWE, all employees are responsible for reporting risks or violations of laws and internal regulations. In addition, we expressly encourage our customers and business partners as well as other third parties to report violations, abnormalities and risks.

The EWE AG compliance organization and an external ombudsman are available as contact points for whistleblowers. Both bodies meet the requirements for internal reporting channels according to the HinSchG. EWE assures that every report made in good faith will be treated confidentially and with respect. Whistleblowers are protected from potential retaliation.

The whistleblower system also serves as a complaints office in accordance with the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG). It thus also makes it possible to report human rights or environmental risks as well as breaches of obligations related to human rights or the environment resulting from EWE’s own business activities or those of a direct or secondary supplier of EWE. The rules of procedure can be downloaded here

Our compliance contact details

Group Compliance Office Ombudsperson
EWE AG Rechtsanwalt Jörn Beyer
HLP. Heiermann Losch Rechtsanwälte
Stichwort „Hinweis“
Tirpitzstraße 39
D-26122 Oldenburg
Tel:     +49 1622903669
Fax:    +49 441 4805-1099

E-Mail:           hinweis@ewe.de

Marienstraße 9-11
D-30171 Hannover
Tel.:    +49 511 262 938-5
Fax:    +49 511 262 938-99

E-Mail:           joern.beyer@hlp-rae.de

The HinSchG additionally provides for the possibility of an external report. For this purpose, the Federal Government establishes the External Federal Reporting Office at the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ). This office is factually independent and organisationally separate from the other areas of responsibility of the BfJ. This link takes you to the reporting channels published by the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ), which can be used by persons providing information to contact the external Federal Reporting Office.

Data processing in the whistleblower system is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information for whistleblowers according to Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR can be found here.